OAC Redress Solutions

Over 25 years’ experience in delivering complex actuarial and redress calculations.

OAC Redress Solutions offer a range of services which enable you to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our approach ensures professional and regulatory compliance, protecting your business reputation and offering compensation that is fair to both the advising firm and to the investor.

At OAC we work with clients of all sizes and take a flexible, consultative approach to every case received. We provide clear, transparent calculations using established and robust tools.

Our processes can be applied both to individual complaints and to larger exercises - for example arising out of past business reviews, or other remediation projects. Irrespective of the scale, we aim to the stress out of redress.

Redress services

Our redress consultants have years of experience and the expertise to deal with a wide range of complex calculations. This means that we can establish the best outcome for our clients.

OAC redress services include:

Who we work with

The OAC Redress Team deliver an efficient, cost-effective and flexible service to suit all business sizes from large scale book reviews through to single calculations.

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