Redress For Firms assisting FCA regulated firms with redress exercises

OAC are ideally placed to be your actuarial partner, bringing years of experience in redress to ensure the best outcomes for your clients.

OAC Redress Solutions provide insight into the actuarial aspects of redress so that you can deliver a versatile and comprehensive service to your clients.   We deliver reliable, compliant calculations alongside knowledge accrued over 25 years of experience, ensuring that you and your client can plan and implement their past business review as effectively as possible.

Whether you are tendering for new work or are working with existing clients talk to OAC Redress Solutions to find out how we can support you. 

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Redress Services for Firms assisting FCA regulated firms with redress exercises Why work with OAC Redress Solutions

At OAC our experience and knowledge means that we are the ideal actuarial partner to assist with redress exercises.  We offer:

  • Over 25 years of experience in all aspects of redress – we continuously adapt our processes and calculations to reflect the most recent thinking by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as well as developments in the broader pensions industry.   
  • A full range of robust redress calculations prepared using established software that incorporates rigid audit controls.
  • An adaptable, scalable solution designed to meet the needs of you and your clients
  • A collaborative approach to case management that works the way you do, including regular catch up meetings, the provision of monthly / weekly case work schedules and client specific case submission forms.  
  • Fixed fees for all major calculation types so that you have clarity over your financials.
  • A professional consultancy team who will help you and your client understand the complexities of redress, representing you as you want to be seen.
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Brian Nimmo
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